The Ignorant refuse to think

Our lives in America are strangely complex.

In 1970, at the age of 16, I was in a group home for girls in Seattle’s Capital Hill area. Then at 17 I decided to be emancipated and moved into the downtown Seattle YMCA. It was here that I had a roommate from Iran. I remember thinking oh that interesting, but never thought much about it. This roommate looked, dressed and spoke like me and I imagine she probably told me she was Muslim, and I would have never thought anything about it.I had no reason to, at the time. She was a female, just like me but a couple years older. I even went out to eat with her her boyfriend who was from West Pakistan and a friend of theirs from India. I remember it was comical as we went out for pizza and one couldn’t eat pork another pork or beef, and the other beef, and not knowing what pepperoni was made from we settled on cheese pizza. I had fond memories of this time with the girl from Iran.

A few days later I turn 18, The State of Washington game me my walking papers.Not knowing what to really do with my life and if I had any possibilities I guess I just set out to get married. Someone who could take care of me, since I had no concept of how to do it myself so at 18 I found a nice guy and we married and had a daughter shortly later. We didn’t make much money and I’m sure it was difficult on my husband as I didn’t work. A lot of women still stayed home with their children in 1973. I ended up back on the welfare system several times during several separation’s, and welfare was easy to apply for and get on as a single parent.It leaves you with no hopes and dreams, just a way to pay your rent and medical care for your child.This was pretty much my life for another decade. Then section 8 with the high cost of rent and finally get a job as a cashier at a retail store.

I have always been a Christian but not a church going Christian. I never really believed in church politics and policies. I do hold the values of my faith and have tried to honor them even to today. I don’t want something for nothing. Traditional families are best for the children. Freedom isn’t free and nothing in life is free.

Today I still hold these values.I used to vote democrat now I lean more Republican if only for my right to be and worship as I have always done. I definitely have watched the democratic party go haywire with their policies.I don’t think it is to much to continue the values I have always had as an American. To let people hunt, fish, and enjoy outdoor passions. To carry or have a weapon if they chose. Somehow the democrats got hijacked by the Socialist Communist Party especially here in the Seattle area. I don’t understand how America purposely commits war and genocide for the purpose to overthrow governments and for Islam to deliberately have a refugee crisis and send these people throughout the world to take over their countries for Islam, and people are to stupid to understand this.I also don’t understand how anyone believes voting for President Trump has much to do about big banks, Wall street, or the rich Capitalist’s as no matter who you voted for the Elites are the strings who own this country the deep state. The evil entities who decide your financial well being, for most American’s. Not much said about Clinton’s supporters who were most of Wall Street bankers, almost all of the top ten richest men in the world, almost all of the wealthy Hollywood elites yet people think that they will willingly fork out their fortunes to subsidize money for equal distribution. What a laugh. So why did they support Clinton? Why do they defy Trump? What is their purpose to not want jobs and financial growth in the United States? It can’t be all about power as the billionaires will still be billionaires so what are the true reasons. Is it Agenda 2030? How would wiping the planet of a few billion people help the Elites as this would be trillions of dollars not spent on their products or services.Will this be the end or the beginning of the world?




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