The New America

In the near future, I see a world of massive housing, where people are housed like caged pens of animals of the past. No privacy with everything shared while you are not using like the kitchen’s bathrooms common spaces. There are no yards to go lay in the grass and soap up the sun. Devoid of cars, you will walk or bicycle to the pool on a hot summer day. Library’s will be gone as there is no written books as all are on electronic devises now and most books are now banned as they now have no purpose in this new America. No one owns pets anymore as they have no usefulness and children will not know what a horse, cow, and or chicken looks like as they are banned from these tiny spaces now called home. Animals now live in a place unseen by man, rooming free like humans once did.

In this world, people own nothing except the wealthy of course. We are all subjected to the elites as now they hold all the power. Who are the elites but a few who managed to hold on to power. There are not many now but a group of people who now make all our decisions. We no longer have a president, senate, or house of representatives just the Bildenberg Group who decides what is good for the people.In this world of no choices, only a few stores have survived, now strictly on-line and no reason for nice things as they are now useless.No more vacations to exotic places as they are set aside for the elites. Most of the population now has been exterminated through wars so we have fresh clean oxygen to breathe.


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